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ohmiya sk

The secret behind the looks, the giggles and the undeniable connection of the famous duo.

Welcome to Ohmiya SK's Himitsu!


5th August 2009
Released notice about Contributors.
Sorry everyone, for the lack of updates.

Moments: Artistic Ohno

promo vid

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Friday, 13 November 2009
Making of: My Girl

My Girl Ohmiya Moments♥
caps credit: waku_waku

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hello there!! I am alive!! Just a teeny bit busy with school and exams. *boo*
Ohmiya posts snagged from waku_waku :)
more to come from her journal... i guess
credits to: pdbox

if anyone can tell me what's happening here you get a prize (NOT REALLY)

quick thank you: to nino's one shoulder exposed. just because it's flesh that you see. :)


Wednesday, 5 August 2009
Artistic Ohno

Arashi no Shukudaikun
Episode: #82 (5/05/2008)

Presenting Ohmiya!

Okay, ignore Ogura-san smack in the middle there.
(This is quite an old episode, btw, because I haven't seen any new Arashi shows, I'm such a dinosaur *_*)
ANYHOW. That's Ohmiya, during introductions. As can be seen on their blank facial expressions, they're thinking of kinky moves for tonight 8D bored.

So, when bored:

It is a proper Ohmiya thing, to ignore everyone and giggle madly at the back.
Like this:

That's one of Nino's flirty moves, by the way.
However, I think they were reprimanded by the show producer or rather, being threatened to get no pay; because here we see Nino edging away from Ohno.

But they can't keep Ohmiya away for long!

Yes, yes, Nino's putting on his pouty face and angry stance that could only mean he'll stand by his man no matter what!

when the dish that came out is a tasty , limited hamburger:

Sorry, Ohno, you lost Nino's attention there.
But good news to all of them, they get to eat the special cheek hamburger.
And being the wonderful husband boyfriend wife he is, Nino pulls Ohno closer to the dish:

When Ohno is happy, Nino is happy.

Because a happy Ohno is a willing Ohno that will do various sexy poses in the bedroom 8DD

Next on the list: Shark fin ramen!
And who loves ramen more than anything?
Lippy Ohno!

And although Nino has this 'Do I have to do everything?' look on his face, we all know he lovingly pushed Ohno towards the dish.

Because a happy Ohno is a... Oh wait, I've said that.

Moving on! Drawing competitions!
Between Ohno, Sho and the guest who during her schooldays had an art teacher do her art homeworks for her (-.-ll)

Nino already knows his hubby will kill them both with his artistic talent.

That's him helping Ohno by opening his art book.

And this is smirky Nino looking at Ohno's work:

And more of Nino acting like a wife by giving verbal encouragement to Ohno:

By saying proudly that his hubby is a true artist that had his own art show.
Yes, Nino, we know you're proud being the supportive wife you can be.
And Ohno knows too, here's him giving Nino his thank-you smile:

And finally, a last cap I had to put in because it's too comical for me:
I'll leave you with your happy Ohmiya thoughts ;D

Gifs and screencaps property of Himitsu
Subbed video is from Stormy Team.


Notice about Contributors

Dear all,

Due to the lack of time, I have decided that I will no longer continue to update Himitsu's Contributors.
I will, however, provide links to related Ohmiya products such as fanarts, fanfics, fanvids and goodies as I deem fit for the site. With that, the achieve for said tags will remain close (unless it's my own doing, but that's hardly likely).
If there are any readers who do want to contribute any Ohmiya stuff to Himitsu, by all means, please send the link in via sk.ohmiya@gmail.com and I'll put them up :)

Thank you to all Contributors who had kindly given me permission to put their stuff, you've kept Himitsu alive!
Thank you as well to all readers, without you, Himitsu will definitely be less colorful and I would have dropped it looong ago xD

Mort@Himitsu Tweaker


Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Pillows and Bushy Eyebrows

Arashi no Shukudaikun
Episode: #139 (15/06/2009)

Wondering how Ohmiya do things at home?
Follow me right to the end and I'll show ya ;D

Okay, so here we have Nino...

...who, unfortunately, looked up to see:
A not very nice picture, ne, Nino? (^_^;)

Which leads us to this:
I hope you all know by now already who's most likely to pull Ohno by his belt loop ;)

Since it's a female guest, obviously they asked who's her type.
And it was:
Ack! Sho, I see some drool there

This is what Nino looks like after finding out that his hubby is safe from getting another fangirl:
Happy Nino~

See, when there's no threat, Nino is like this:
Grinning, relaxed, detaching himself and removing his claws from Ohno...

Not for long, Ohmiya work on magnetic charges. They sorta find themselves attached to the hip again, like this:

Hey! Wait a minute, Nino! What are you looking at?!
It wouldn't be unzipped again, Nino.
Unless, you've just done that magically with your LUSTFUL eyes

Moving on: FOOD.
So, Ohno gets to be the one handling this section.
Is anyone even surprise dazed Riida stumbled with his words? XD
Here's Ohno stumbling:

And here's Nino trying to be helpful by going close to lost boyfriend.
...I don't think that's much of a help, Nino! XD

Here's a proper example of helping:

That's right. Pointing out the right words not calling your hubby a slow version of some computer software (-.-ll)

But Nino does his job as Ohno's WIFE well, he's reading Ohno's notes:

And giving appreciative glances as Ohno supposedly work hard.

He even went up to Ohno when Ogura-san asked who will cut the cake:

Because that's what wives do. They help and demand kisses later

Ohno shows that he really is working hard by mixing some green tea ice cream for the guest. Nino, however, did not take that very well:

Well, cranky!Nino not for long, apparently, Nino's really please with Ohno today:
See that 'Sexy Boy is MIINE' smug look written all over Nino's face and Ohno's ass?

Let's zoom in on that smug face:
Rrrright. SMEX is on Nino's mind... Go Nino! 8DD

There was this one part, when they asked the guest to ask one of the member to feed her. And we see Ohmiya moving backwards together and very quickly.

And here's a last bit of food!Ohmiya. You can't see it in this screencap but Nino just handed Ohno a fork and my ovaries kinda exploded then XD

Back to the couch!
Ohmiya trying to look interested after a video of the guest at some Safari is shown:

Here's Nino a split second later, realizing that Ohno is more interesting and that they should've done some groping while the video is being played.

Hey! I see your hand moving from Ohno's ass an unnameable place just then, Nino!
I suppose they did manage to get some groping after all 8DD

And Ohmiya stuck at the hip:

Everyone knows things are doing just fine with Ohmiya when Nino uses Ohno as an armrest:
Or laprest? Or pillow? Or to do SMEXY stuff? 8D

Nino's improving his armrest methods:


Anyways, they play this game where one of the pair have to shove a pillow under the other one while the other one is jumping.... Did I lose you there?
I suppose a gif will do better explaining:

Ohmiya ♥

It gives me great pleasure to say that Ohmiya Team managed to do that up to the 10th pillow.
And along the way, Nino was telling Ohno how good he is!

Nino loves his Ohno, awwww~

Loads of giggling:

And a very serious Ohno searching for the best pillow for his Kazu ♥

But even the mighty Ohmiya failzzz in the end:
It's okay because you get to see Ohno lurching forward to catch Nino when he falls :D

Oh! And this last bit:
Now we know who's been doing the housework and who lounges at home, showing off his buttocks at home ;)

Gifs and screencaps property of Himitsu.
Raw here by arashixdream
Have no idea if it's subbed @_@ sorry.